Dual Interface Java Card/Smart Card with CC EAL5+

Model Number:

Java Card (A40CR)

Java Card(A22CR)

Algorithm:ECC(optional),RSA2048, SHA512, AES
ISO7816 T=1 & ISO14443 T=CL Type A by Default
Java Card 3.0.4
GP2.1.1(Implementation of Mapping Guidelines of Existing GP v2.1.1 Implementation on v2.2.1

* The maximum purchase quantity is 5.

Shipping fee included

For mass quantity or more customization, please contact us .


– The card doesnot support CC & EAL5+ certification by default. If you want it, please contact us and sign the NDA agreement firstly.
– designed strictly conforming to the standards of the Global Platform and ISO industry
– maintains compatibility with the third party applets as well as all existing smart card infrastructures.
– provides customization services.
– Suitable for multiple Industries, such as Banking, Enterprise, Government, Transportation, Identification, etc.

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