MFi Certified iePass FIDO with built-in Apple Lightning Connector

Built-in Lightning Connector

iePass FIDO Security Key is MFi certified which provides user to authentication via the lightning connection to iOS devices.

iePass FIDO USB Type-C connector for PCs and Android devices

Dual-Interface design

User can also achieve authentication on Android devices, PC and laptops using the embedded USB-C port.

CC EAL6+ certified secure element


iePass FIDO makes use of high performance secure element with CC EAL6+ Certification, all credentials are stored securely inside the secure element and protected. The chip itself can protect data against certain level of physical attacks. With the deployment of FIDO standard, iePass FIDO provides user a secure authentication against phishing and MITM attacks.

Driverless on all major platforms

Driverless for all major platforms

Recognized as a HID device, no driver is needed for iePass FIDO Security Key to work on Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux via USB.

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