32-bit smart card based design archives better protection

HID high speed device and driverless.

Built-in C51 virtual machine

The C51 virtual machine allows small application being executed onboard, therefor developers can move part of the functions to the dongle, and dongle will perform as a part of the application. Without the dongle, the application is incomplete. Even if software has been duplicated, it lacks core functions which are being protected in the dongle. The function-migration concept marks a new generation of software protection technique, which can provide absolute protection to applications.

Real time clock

High-speed driverless Human Interface Device (HID), equipped with built-in real time clock which functions independently of the main system clock.

Additional security components

Includes high-strength encryption algorithms such as RSA (512/1024/2048), DES, 3DES SHA-1MD5 and AES.

Flexible customizations

We offer complete customization options for to enable the ability of creating your very own Rockey dongle.