Interactive makes everything better

With a large LCD screen, the token can display details of the secure operations being performed in real time, such as the transfer amount of funds and the transacting bank account numbers. Therefor user retains complete control of the entire process through use of the interactive buttons.

Multiple algorithms supported

On board RSA, AES, DES / 3DES, SHA-1, SHA-256 algorithms approved by NIST FIPS CAVP


Higher level security, trusted by over 100 banks.

A harden shell

● Hardware random number generator;

● 64KB EEPROM memory to store private keys, multiple certificates and sensitive data;

● Support X.509 v3 standard certificate, support storing multiple certificate on one device;

● Onboard RSA2048 key pair generation, signature and encryption;

● 64 bit universal unique hardware serial number.

Cryptographic APIs

● Microsoft Crypto API (CAPI), Cryptography API: Next Generation (CNG);

● PKCS#11.

Flexible customizations

We offer complete customization options for casing, packaging and related service to
enable the ability of creating your very own PKI token.

Want to know more?

If you wish to request more detailed informations, specifications, quotations, or have any questions regarding FEITIAN LCD PKI products, please feel free to contact us.