FEITIAN iR301-U (with Apple Lightning connector) Smart Card Reader with C56 casing
FEITIAN iR301-C  (with USB Type-C connector) Smart Card Reader with C60 casing
FEITIAN iR301 series Smart Card Reader has a high-end, fashion, all metal casing design

All metal high-end design

Fashion style for iPhone / iPad / iPod, the perfect mix of design and performance. With USB-C connector (C60 model), it brings more compatibility with new iPhone and iPad models with USB-C connection.

FEITIAN iR301 series Smart Card Reader has high security level hardware design

High security level hardware design

We focus and keep make effort on hardware-level security:

High security level chipset;

MFi certified chip set;

Built-in short-circuited / over-voltage protection;

Firmware encryption mechanism;

Encrypted firmware upgrade.

More than a cover

Industry leading sleeve smart card reader for iPad, greatly improve efficiency of government and enterprises. (Support iPad Air 5 for now)

FEITIAN iR301 series Smart Card Reader are widely compatible with mainstream operating system platforms

All platform compatible (Plug-and-Play)

PC platform plug-and play by USB;

Provide mobile SDK for second development;

Provide app development service.

FEITIAN iR301 series Smart Card Reader widely compatible with worldwide certifications


With these certifications, FEITIAN Smart Card Reader tops by both functionality and performance.

Flexible customizations

We offer complete customization options for casing, packaging and related service to enable the ability of creating your very own Smart Card Reader.

Want to know more?

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