5 modules

Beside the authentication server (the core of FOAS), 4 modules provides the full management and easy integration to customer.

User Portal:
Provides the self-service function to end user.

Management Center:
Web based, centralized management.

Key Management System:
Management platform for HSM.

Authentication Agent & SDK:
Full SDK for the easy integration to customer existing system.

Multi OS, middleware, database, protocol, algorithm supported

Multiple environments supported, easy to integrate with your current system/application.


Diversified token types supported.

A cloud-based OTP authentication service

Besides standalone authentication system, FEITIAN also provides cloud based authentication system which named Cloudentify. It provides a cost-effective, flexible and easy to use, scalability, reliability and strong multi-factor strong authentication solution to address issues hindering the development of multi-factor authentication technology and extensive user of all kinds of obstacles.

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Flexible customizations

We offer complete customization options for UI, functions and related service to enable the ability of creating your very own OTP Server.

Want to know more?

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