2022 Q3


Introducing FEITIAN Identification Terminals

Handheld & Desktop Terminals for Multiple Industries

FEITIAN Identification Terminals

Identification Terminals are brand new smart terminal products recently launched by FEITIAN. The ID terminal is created to authenticate people and objects, aiming the territories of banking e-KYC, government e-KYC, voting, election, logistics and police patrol.

The product is developed on Android platform. Through years of experience in the industry, FEITIAN is able to present such an Android device with self-developed hardware, firmware and software around Qualcomm and MTK processors, and equipped it with function modules including fingerprint, printer, contact and contactless to realize business applications between different industries and to improve business efficiency.


ID Terminal Solution

Turnkey Solution Provided by FEITIAN

FEITIAN ID Terminal Solutions

FEITIAN offers ID Terminal products with different functional modules for different industries and provides software development kit (SDK) for third party integrators to integrate applications and deploy to end users.

To help customers better manage terminal devices, FEITIAN also provides mobile device management (MDM) platform, which allows customers to check device status, location information, deploy applications, conduct OTA system upgrade, key injection, etc. through the platform, reducing maintenance costs.


FEITIAN ID Terminal Applications

Identify People, Identify Things

FEITIAN ID Terminal Applications

With the development of information technology, it become more essential than ever to ensure security as well as reliability at registration and verification when sensitive data is being manipulated, such as preventing identity fraud in election, registering new SIM card or bank account, as well as in the field of health care, border control and other fields that require verifying the identity of people to ensure only eligible identities can access the corresponding services.

FEITIAN IT Terminal products have been widely used in the fields of voting, e-KYC, border security, law enforcement, logistics and more. The main purpose of the IT Terminal is to collect user information and complete registration, and to verify the collected information to complete the verification of the identity of the person or object.