2020 Q4


FEITIAN became EMVCo Board of Advisors

For better EMV® Specifications.

FEITIAN Technologies was honored to be invited by EMVCo Board and become one of EMVCo Board of Advisors (BoA), to provide EMVCo with input on strategic and business topics related to the use of the EMV® Specifications.

EMVCo believes that FEITIAN Technologies has many years of development experience in the field of mobile payment and has a better understanding of market needs and wishes to hear voices from companies like FEITIAN.


FEITIAN released iePass FIDO Security Key

Dual-Interface for Apple Devices

iePass FIDO Security Key

iePass FIDO is a dual-interface, multi-functional FIDO & MFi Certified authenticator developed by FEITIAN to support secure cross platform authentication experience for mobile device, PC and laptop.

With CC EAL 6+ military grade high performance secure element, iePass FIDO provides user a secure authentication against phishing and MITM attacks.


Secure Telecommuting With FEITIAN Solutions

A Comprehensive Solution for Telecommuting Security

Secure Telecommuting With FEITIAN Solutions

Amidst the global health crisis of COVID-19, millions of businesses have had to adopt telecommuting as an alternative to in-office work in order to keep their businesses afloat. But meanwhile, hackers are taking advantage of this pandemic to launch a large-scale network attack.

In response to the current situation, FEITIAN Technologies as a leading global provider of network security products and solutions, provides a complete security solution from three aspects: Authentication, Communication, and Backend Server.