The total onsite seed programming solution

Relying on the security of a vendor is can be too risky for those customers who have much to protect. FEITIAN provide secure production framework. We offer our clients active and stable management over various environments to enable customer’s ability to take total control of the seed data.

Field-Programmable Token,
FEITIAN is one of few vendors to enable on-site token programming for OTP tokens, allowing customers to generate the token security data and program on- premise.

Seed Generating Server,
Offered as a standard rack-mount server which allows more processing power in less space and simplifies cabling, storage, and maintenance.

Wireless Seed Programming Suite.

Secure Seed Lifecycle Protection.

Centralized Production Management System,
Improve visibility, deployment, and manageability of the whole production lifecycle.

Meet the security needs in all level

Customer Generating, FEITIAN Programming (Higher Security):
The seed generating server gives customers the ability to securely generate the seed data on their premises. Only customer knows the seed’s information. The generated seed data will be stored in a smart card. FEITIAN will use the smart card to program the seed data into tokens.

Customer Generating, Customer Programming (Highest Security):
FEITIAN programming suite and field-programmable token provides customer with the ability to securely program the seed data on their premises. They can fully control the whole process of the seed’s production. This solution suits customers where security concerns are the most salient, such as financial sectors, healthcare centers, and government departments.

Field-programmable token

With the embed antenna, the field-programmable token can received the seed data through an encrypted wireless transfer protocol which totally developed by ourself.

Robust seed life cycle management

The security of the OTP authentication mechanism relies on the secrecy of the OTP seed. FEITIAN has a robust seed management system to ensure security of the seed in its whole life cycle.

Want to know more?

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