Mini VC-N200E Display Card

Model Number:

Mini VC-N200E

Time Interval/Step:
OTP length: 6 digits
Algorithm: HMAC-SHA1
Communication Protocol:NFC
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* The maximum purchase quantity is 5.

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– Seed programming through NFC (with NFC Android Phone or Feitian NFC reader) to provide the highest security
– The perfect replacement for Mobile Token (such as Google Authenticator)
-OTP Token in card format (thinner than 1mm)
– Zero footprint; No software on end-user PCs
– OATH-compliant time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) OTP cards with EPD(E-ink) display
– Simple, secure and highly cost-effective 2FA solution
— Water proof with IP68
– Dynamic bending/torsion: ISO7816-1 250 times

Compatible with multiple services:

-Feitian OTP Authentication Server
-Microsoft Azure MFA (both cloud and on-premise version)
-Entrust Identity Guard
-Symantec VIP
-Sophos Firewall (v9.2 and later)

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