Secure Mobility for eHealthcare


Today, the most innovative health care institutions have built trust frameworks between clinicians and patients, the technologies they use with their ID card, and the sensitive information they process based on the personal identity.

Traditionally, clinicians spend a lot of time entering the base every day.
Collect medical records and complete paperwork - they could have spent time on patient care. And most of time, they also need to work on the workstation to check the identify and handle all the paperwork.

How to provide solution let ability to provide community workers with access to and update clinical records Mobile convenience and safety become more and more important.


The FEITIAN solution is based on the existing PKI infrastructure and adds to the overall usability of the long-standing smart card system. FEITIAN smart card readers are used.

- FEITIAN’s secure email and internet access through two factor authentications (smart card) to access the e-Heath server
- Using the existing eHealth card infrastructure
- The identify part allow clinicians check the patient ID
- Ensures compliance using on-screen prompts and check to prevent processes being circumvented

The solution increases the productivity and improve the performance, also increase in staff morale

FEITIAN mobile card reader is a product line for iOS and Android devices that provides convenient and secure access to restricted resources from mobile devices.

We bring true mobility to organizations using smart cards, such as ID, PIV and CAC card. The smart card readers can be used with a wide range of applications