ePass2003 PKI Token

Model Number:

ePass2003 (A1+)

ePass2003 (X8)

Host Interface: USB-A
Cryptographic Algorithms: RSA 2048 bit, ECDSA 192 bit, DES/3DES, AES 128 bit, SHA-256

* The maximum purchase quantity is 5.

Shipping fee included

For mass quantity or more customization, please contact us .


Kindly noted that if you want token also supports RSA 1024/3072/4096bit,ECDSA 256bit and SHA-1, please contact us firstly.

– The perfect choice for:
Email Signature and Encryption
Windows Smart Card Logon
Document Digital Signature
Secure Online Transaction
Disk and File Encryption
Remote VPN Access
– Compliant with FIPS 140-2
– Embedded with high performance CPU and security storage chips
– With built-in security file system with 64K security storage space
– Can easily implement two-factor authentication based on challenge/response

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