Digital Payments Get on Stage-FEITIAN at Seamless India 2021 Nov 24-25th

In recent years, digital payments will account for 71.7% of all payment transactions in India by 2025. India’s e-commerce market is expected to grow to USD 200 billion by 2026. According to a recent study from 《Forrester Research》, retailers reported increase in contactless transactions since January. Further aided by the rise of online orders, digital payments suddenly became a necessity for many.

FEITIAN IOT & Payment Business Unit CMO Mr. Mahaveer Shah participated in the panel discussion,Payments Innovation——Building a digital payments ecosystem. 

Mr. Mahaveer Shah said “India is the third largest economy in Asia ,to better promote local digital payment development, FEITIAN is improving its digital payment ecosystem and services adapt to shifting consumer behavior and market reality by rounding out their digital payment ecosystem.” On this event, FEITIAN introduced the hardware, software and one-stop shop.

Hardware,F20- Android Financial payment terminal to attendees, the F20 support Omni-channel Payment, NFC, IC card, Magstripe card and QR code is more convenient to use and faster to trade on the basis of ensuring safe trading, powered by a 4G and WIFI network, whatever and where you are can be use it with easy, help customers reduce costs. F100-Android Portable POS ,breakthrough the business boundary only to bring more business opportunities. combine NFC and QR code, it seems like versatile and flexible and be your business partner, bring a new payment experience for merchants.

Software,STORM,Terminal Operations Remote Manager ,the next generation TMS platform realizes the management of traditional POS,  Android Smart Phones, Android POS and mobile POS via one platform.

SmartPay,  Android Merchant/Cashier

A standard, flexible, stable Android payment application (APK format), with a complete bank card transaction capacity, mobile payment capacity and value-added features.    

As consumers made the switch, many retailers and quick-service restaurants followed suit and encouraged using contactless payments.

Another common objective shared by many companies services are to eventually level up and build a commerce ecosystem that serves both consumers and merchants. FEITIAN are aiming to serve both sellers and buyers with a mix of business-oriented and consumer-facing products. FEITIAN is one of the market leaders in digital POS systems and provides a “One-Stop Shop” such as Digital Banking Solutions, New Retail Solutions and so on service to its business customers services, whereas FEITIAN also sells POS software that primarily serve businesses.

Under the wave of digital payments, FEITIAN will create more hardware and software products with better experience, further develop domestic POS and related products in the Indian markets.



FEITIAN Make New Payment is simple

Seamless Saudi Arabia as one of the largest payments and business technology conferences and exhibitions in the of the region’s largest payments and commerce technology conference and exhibition. Seamless Saudi Arabia 2021 covering the world of payments, fintech, e-commerce and retail. The event is set to bring together the entire banking and financial services industry to discuss, debate and evaluate the future of money across two days of keynote presentations, panels, case studies, interviews, demos, roundtables and workshops.

As a gold sponsor , FEITIAN has been devoting into providing secure financial solutions for worldwide customers for 22 years and in more than 2000+ global customers and 1000+ Patents Worldwide. FEITIAN follows the latest technology trends, like Android 10 OS, high voltage battery and Qualcomm quad-core processor etc., and combines with our world-leading R&D capabilities to offer the best cost-effective, secure, flexible payment terminals and solutions. To meet the demands of different application scenarios.

One-stop Solutions



exchanges opinions with other distinguished guest, such as below:

  • Taking wearables completely out of the equation;
  • Creating a frictionless, easy and convenient experience
  • Reaching market maturity – is digital currency the way forward
  • What will it take for invisible payments to thrive

In the future, FEITIAN is always committed to providing customers with safe and convenient payment products and solutions, will follow the development and transformation trend of payment, use the technical advantages and landing experience in the construction of payment industry, help the bank and retail industry to achieve cost reduction and efficiency, improve service experience, enhance the core competitiveness.




Building Security and Payment FEITIAN has been on the way

Find out in Seamless Africa in 2021 (02-03 Nov Online Event)

Seamless is the key meeting and Africa’s largest and longest running conference focused on cards and payments. Now, Payment methods have changed a lot in recent years, it is understood that Africa faces great opportunities, especially in the field of digital and payments. 

FEITIAN will study together with you, exchange the latest products and payment methods, comprehensive solutions and advanced technologies in the industry, providing a good communication platform for all visitors. On this event FEITIAN shared two topics below

Mahaveer ShahChief Marketing Officer (CMO) |  IOT& Payment Business Unit                                                                                                                        Topic 1Opening financial ecosystems with APIs: navigating an open and digital future, reaching inclusivity and meeting customer demand and unlocking the world of digital commerce

Riad LAQLACHChief Technology Officer (CTO) |  IOT& Payment Business Unit                                                                                                                      Topic 2Promoting and facilitating responsible financial inclusion with digitally enabled infrastructure




As a listed company in China, FEITIAN has been devoting into providing secure financial solutions for worldwide customers for 22 years and in more than 100 countries. To meet the changing payment patterns and customers’ ever-changing payment needs, FEITIAN will seize this opportunity to share with you the latest solutions in the region.

In the future, in the digital age, with our excellent products and services to help all customers realize and create their business value. To become an international enterprise providing reliable information security products and solutions for global users.