Easy Customer KYC

With the fingerprint module embedded on FEITIAN terminals, banks can realize customer identification and information verification easy and fast and while conforming to KYC regulations

Efficient Customer Onboarding

FEITIAN terminals enables to provide a good customer onboarding experience by simplifying the paperwork, manual compliance and in person checks with e-forms and automatic fingerprint indentificationa

Mobile Banking Services

Whether it is transfer or bill payments, FEITIAN portable terminals enables customers to enjoy banking services anytime, anywhere

High Security Protection

FEITIAN is renowned for its highly secure products and solutions. From system security to terminal physical security, we ensure to aviod any external attack, hardware damage,illegal software invasion

Credit Card Business

FEITIAN terminals support to check account balance, transaction history, pay credit card bills and of course accept credit card payment

Currency converter

Currency converter, calculator, deposit and withdraw of cash and many more

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