FEITIAN Speak on Transformation path to the digital acquiring process for new banks at Open Bank Latam

FEITIAN joined the Open Bank Latam event (Online Virtual Meeting) on October 28 and 29, 2021. The event focus on the megatrends in regulation, infrastructure and scalable business models in the Region.

Riad LAQLACH ——Chief Technology Officer (CTO) |   IOT&Payment Business Unit 

Every day, more and more payment transactions take place without a customer ever touching their cards. New Fintech players are launching services that erode banks’ interface with customers, making it harder than ever for financial institutions to build and maintain brand loyalty. The new Fintech companies collect rich customer data that they use to personalize and optimize customer experiences strengthening their customer relationships while weakening the bank’s, leveraging transaction data to launch their own financial products challenging the traditional financial institutions directly.


How FEITIAN Technologies can help Banks to compete by offering a better digital experience for the end customer and also for the bank operator. We will discuss how our customers used FEITIAN Technologies Hardware and Software Solutions to achieve the three key success factors for digital acquiring transformation by :




  1. Delivering differentiated value-added services
  2. Achieving distribution scale at the industry vertical level
  3. Executing an effective acquisition and partnering strategy

Established in 1998, FEITIAN Technologies is a global leading provider of secure financial solutions for worldwide customers for 22 years. FEITIAN aims to build security for customers and has world-leading technology and experience in secure hardware designing and software development.


​Building a new Open Bank architecture in Latin America.

Learn about the mega-trends in regulation, infrastructure and scalable business models in the Region. Latin America has emerged as a power house of open banking activity.