FEITIAN achieved great success at MPE 2024

FEITIAN, a leading provider of innovative retail solutions, recently participated in MPE 2024, the premier global retail event held in Berlin, Germany. We showcased its cutting-edge technology solutions and innovative products, garnering attention and accolades from industry experts and attendees.

The team of experts engaged with attendees, providing insights into the features and benefits of our products, and addressing queries with professionalism and expertise.

One of the highlights of the exhibition was the unveiling of FEITIAN’s newest product line, which received rave reviews for its advanced features and sleek design. Attendees were impressed by the demonstration of the product’s capabilities and its potential to revolutionize the industry.

F310 is a precise positioning of business scenarios under the intelligent payment financial equipment, the design concept of the building block module is the result of our research and analysis of the needs of merchants and users in different scenarios, applications and markets, through the combination of technology trends, including face recognition payment, vein and palm print payment, optical fingerprint identification, hard decoding scanning code recognition, etc., so that our F310 in the industry’s product comparison technology leading, The user experience is leading, and the F310 is ahead of the curve in the payment pos machine industry, and ranks among the top five in the comprehensive level of competing products.

F360 terminal as a handheld payment terminal, the round appearance is more space-saving when placed, suitable for use in various environments, the device itself has a variety of payment methods. Its simple and easy operation interface and fast payment process can greatly improve the payment efficiency of customers and bring convenient payment experience to customers.

With the development and increasing application of the payment industry in more scenarios, facing the rapid changes in the payment industry in 2024, FEITIAN has adopted a series of response strategies to adapt to the diverse needs of consumers. We continuously research and develop products and payment solutions that meet the demands, providing customers with better and more convenient payment terminal products. We will continue to deepen our presence in this field, accelerating the development of the payment industry.