FEITIAN Fingerprint Payment Card obtains UnionPay Product Certification

Apr 15th, 2020

Beijing, China — Recently, after the authoritative audit by China UnionPay, FEITIAN Fingerprint Payment Card with independent intellectual property rights meets the requirements of China UnionPay Fingerprint Identification Card Technical Guidelines, and officially obtained the UnionPay product certification, becoming the first fingerprint payment card product in the world to obtain this certificate, which can meet the high security requirements of financial payment field.

In 2019, UnionPay issued a new standard specification, " China UnionPay Fingerprint Identification Card Technical Guidelines ", which focuses on the regulation of fingerprint technology for identification and security services. As the first fingerprint card product that meets the UnionPay standard requirements and has passed the UnionPay product certification, FEITIAN Fingerprint Payment Card is a new product for the financial payment industry loaded with a variety of cutting-edge technologies.

Fingerprint Payment Card UnionPay Product Certification
Fingerprint Card UnionPay

By innovatively introducing fingerprint sensor to the standard IC card with a thickness of less than 0.84mm, FEITIAN Fingerprint Payment Card allows biometric sample capturing (fingerprint recording / verification), fingerprint template extraction, storage and matching to be performed within the card. It eliminates any transfer of fingerprint templates and characteristic data outside the card, enabling fingerprints to participate in transactions as payment rights, while technically providing "one person, one card" solution to ensure that others cannot use the card for transactions, creating an ultra-secure and highly convenient transaction ecology.

In addition to high security, the Fingerprint Payment Card also features high convenience and wide applicability. Banking system and terminal equipment can be used with Fingerprint Payment Cards without upgrading, providing users with a secure and extreme transaction experience.

Being the first product of its kind in the industry to passed the UnionPay product certification, the launch of FEITIAN fingerprint payment card fully demonstrates the company's strong technical strength and industry-leading technology advantage in the field of high-end bank cards, as well as its determination and confidence in leading the payment industry to a new stage of greater security and intelligence, creating greater value for users and society.

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