Feitian Newsletter 2018 Q1

Power Card

Powered and Next-Generation Cards

  • Power Cards are security solutions in ISO 7810 standard card form factor and are able to combine various security functions into one card which may include:

    - 2FA such as OTP authentication
    - Pin protected banking card
    - Dynamic CSC for credit cards
    - BLE for IoT
    - Matrix screen for QR code
    - Biometric authentication for example fingerprint

Authentication Portfolio

All for your security

  • Focus on information security industry for 20 years, the diversified authenticaiton products have always been our pride. All of them are widely used in different industries that offering high level security protection for the ID and sensitive data:

    - Digital certificate based PKI solution
    - One-Time-Password 2FA authentication solution
    - FIDO based U2F security key authentication solution
    - Blockchain based virtual currenty protection product
    - Smart card reader

Mobile Payment Terminal

The era of a cashless future

  • The way we pay is changing, issuer and merchants should deliver enchanced and varied secure payment experience. We strongly recommend our featured mobile payment termnial ePayPOS600, with excellent design and PCI certified, it can brings customer a safer, faster and better payment experience.

    At the same time, Feitian has always been willing to design and develop a full tailored payment product base on your needs.

Made for Mobile

Everything goes to mobile

  • How to make traditional authentication products to meet the needs of mobile? Through continuous innovation, we are offering the full portfolio that user is able to use the device seamlessly on both PC and mobile.

    In additional, a detailed and uniformed SDK will make the development easy and efficient.

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