Versasec and FEITIAN Joint WebinarVersasec and FEITIAN Joint Webinar

The Versasec and FEITIAN FIDO / PKI Technologies Live Demos on Mobiles and Laptops

December 11, 2020
11:00 AM (CET, UTC+1)

Versasec CMS and FEITIAN work together to provide flexible and strong authentication / signature options for organizations of all sizes.

Join VP Sales Manager of Versasec William Houry and Senior Sales Manager of Feitian Julien Larsonneur, to see from the end user point of view our joint solutions.

This Versasec and FEITIAN Joint Webinar will cover:

       ● Updates and Statistics of online authentication
       ● Introduction of FEITIAN FIDO Solutions
       ● Introduction of Versasec vSEC:CMS Solutions
       ● Live demo: Using FIDO on vSEC:CMS
       ● Live demo: Using FIDO on computers
       ● Live demo: Using FIDO on mobilephones

Watch the full record of this webinar:

Julien Larsonneur

Julien Larsonneur

Senior Business Development Manager
FEITIAN Technologies
William Houry

William Houry

Vice President of Sales
Versasec AB