FEITIAN became EMVCo Board of Advisors

Sep 27th, 2020

Beijing and California — On June 24, 2020 FEITIAN Technologies was honored to be invited by EMVCo Board and become one of EMVCo Board of Advisors (BoA), to provide EMVCo with input on strategic and business topics related to the use of the EMV® Specifications.

EMVCo is composed of six shareholder members, American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, UnionPay and Visa. All shareholder members are jointly responsible for the overall operation of EMVCo. In addition to shareholder members, EMVCo has nearly 50 business partners, more than 60 technology partners and many subscribers worldwide.

FEITIAN Technologies joined the EMVCo organization in 2014 as an Associate Member, and has accumulated more than a dozen products that have been approved by EMVCo ever since.

EMVCo believes that FEITIAN Technologies has many years of development experience in the field of mobile payment and has a better understanding of market needs. The EMVCo organization also wishes to hear voices from companies like FEITIAN, and to see such companies to actively participate in the formulation of technical standards in the payment field on behalf of manufacturers.

The EMVCo Board of Advisors, consisting of Business Associates and representatives elected from the Technical Associates, is purposed to provide an advisory forum facilitating discussion of EMV implementation and migration issues, planned enhancements to the EMV Specifications, and new services with organizations that have a direct responsibility for an EMV transaction. It is structured to provide a two-way communication link between EMVCo and the industry to help the EMV Specifications work in tandem with regional market needs, and provides EMVCo with recommendations, suggestions, requests and other input regarding various aspects of the payment card industry and the EMV Specifications.

On July 8, 2020, FEITIAN Technologies participated in the EMV® 3-D Secure (3DS) Technical Special Interest Meeting as a Board of Advisors for the first time. The agenda of the meeting includes industry overview, SDK update, security review and other aspects. During the meeting, Sameer Tare from Mastercard gave attendees updates on EMVCo 3DS-related industry engagements, mainly about FIDO.

According to Tare, EMVCo and FIDO Alliance are working together to define the FIDO Assertion data that can be used in EMV 3DS messages. Issuers may use FIDO Assertion data to evaluate merchant-initiated FIDO Authentication (Assertion) as part of their risk evaluations. The result is EMVCo and FIDO Alliance defined a FIDO Alliance dataset that can be carried in EMV 3DS messages. This definition allows ACS providers to expect FIDO assertion data in a specific and predictable format that can be used in their transaction risk analysis.


Founded in 1998, FEITIAN Technologies has its US headquarters in Santa Clara, CA. The company is dedicated to building a full range of strong authentication, identification, and payment solutions using a variety of Security Key and Smart Card formfactors. FEITIAN is a member of Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), a Board Member of the FIDO Alliance, and is a Technology Partner for Google. FEITIAN is a leading worldwide provider of Fingerprint Biometric Passwordless Authentication. Globally, the company has over 1,000 employees, more than half of whom are focused on research and development. FEITIAN serves clients in over 150 countries with leading enterprise, financial, telecom, government, education organizations.