Distributed Identity Alliance led by FEITIAN has been launched

Jun 25th, 2020

Beijing, China - On Jun 24, the Distributed Identity Alliance (DID-Alliance, referred to as DIDA) led by China Banknote Blockchain Technology Research Institute and FEITIAN Technologies Co., Ltd. and jointly initiated by 15 other tech companies such as Baidu, Tencent Cloud, and UnionPay Electronic Payment Research Institute was officially announced.

Digital identity has evolved with the application of computer science. Blockchain technology has brought new enlightenment to the development of digital identity: Blockchain is the foundation and "root of trust" of digital identity open collaboration. Digital identity is also one of the most important and far-reaching applications of blockchain technology. Promoting the construction and application of distributed digital identities based on blockchain is our new mission. Therefore, DIDA was launched.

With the vision of "connecting the digital world with mutual trust" and the mission of "building a distributed digital identity infrastructure and creating a new open and trusted digital ecosystem", DIDA aims to maximize the potential of distributed digital identity technology, promote the development of innovative Internet applications, and promote the integration of distributed digital identity technology with the existing ecosystem.

DIDA hopes to achieve its goals through four aspects of work. Firstly, delve into the distributed digital identity technology including DPKI and cryptography. Secondly, promote the commercial applications and explore cross-platform projects. Next, build China's distributed digital identity network. At last, connect with international distributed digital identity.

Distributed digital identity will be the real entrance to the digital world. The digital world can communicate with the physical world after the establishment of a distributed digital identity system. Then, digital applications can be fully implemented and the global digital economy can be developed.

As one of the initiators of DIDA, FEITIAN will do its best to help DIDA achieve its goals.