FEITIAN Technologies Joins RSA® Ready Technology Partner Program

Feb 25th, 2020

Beijing, China and Santa Clara, CA — Feb 25, 2020 — FEITIAN Technologies today announces interoperability between FEITIAN’s multi-factor authentication solutions and RSA SecurID® Access (the RSA Multi-Factor Authentication solution). The interoperability will allow customers to extend industry-leading, FIDO-certified secure authentication to any sensitive system in all environments. Customers will be able to deploy and control access to systems, applications and data across their organizations existing infrastructure.

The need for multi-factor authentication has never been more critical. As cyberattacks become more prevalent in our ever-changing connected world, the need to authenticate users, both on-premises and in the cloud, in all industries is vital to a secure future.

The Interoperability with FEITIAN Technologies authentication solutions and RSA SecurID Access will leverage multi-factor authentication methods including FIDO tokens and biometrics to enable customers to extend the use of RSA SecurID Access to any sensitive system and address the fast-growing security challenges facing today’s organizations.

“The National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) requires all privileged access to our production systems to use multi factor authentication (MFA). In addition, federal regulation requires that privileged MFA must use tokens that are certified by NIST to be FIPS 140-2 level 3. After careful consideration, NERSC chose a mechanism based on storing an SSH credential in a USB token and requiring that credential to login to a set of “bastion” hosts. NERSC currently uses the FEITIAN ePass 2003 tokens for this with approximately 100 staff members,” said Craig Lant, Cyber Security Engineer for NERSC [Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory].

“In addition, NERSC now requires all users to use MFA for accessing NERSC systems and services. However, for that access, NERSC has implemented a time-based one time password (TOTP) mechanism. Most of NERSC’s 7,000 users are able to use a smartphone application to generate these passwords. But, for the few who cannot or who prefer to have a hardware token, we will issue NERSC branded FEITIAN tokens.”

RSA, a global cybersecurity leader delivering Business-Driven Security™ solutions to help organizations manage digital risk, through the RSA Ready program provides technology partners an opportunity to develop, certify and market solutions with RSA. RSA SecurID Access ensures that users have timely access to the applications they need—from any device, anywhere—and helps ensure that users are who they say they are. Together, FEITIAN Technologies and RSA SecurID Access will enable customers to accelerate business without compromising security or convenience.


Established in 1998, FEITIAN Technologies has consistently been ranked as the leading security supplier of online user authentication and payment transaction with our easy-to-use, strongly-secure, hardware-based turnkey solution.

We operate globally with clients in over 150 countries around the world. We build secure, innovative and value-priced security products to provide an improved user and host experience for Authentication, Identification, Mobility and Payment Solutions in our increasingly connected world.

We have created a diversified portfolio of technology that both secures digital identities and protects transaction. This helps secure the world’s digital transformation, bringing trust to organization’s access control, mobile payments, e-government, online banking, the Internet of Things [IoT] and much more. Our solutions include physical and digital identity credentials, multiple methods of authentication (including biometrics), cryptocurrency hardware wallet, IoT connectivity and data encryption.

These technologies help organizations protect the entire digital service life-cycle from the moment people sign-up to the time they unsubscribe.

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