Starting Your QR Code Authentication Adventure with FEITIAN QR Code Tokens

Nov 1st, 2019

QR Code has becoming more and more popular in these days, it provides a convenient and yet secure way for transferring data, authentication, and payment. FEITIAN, as the worlding leading identification service provider, has released a series of QR Code Tokens – OTP c603, c610 and c620 (to be published), with the objective of securing users’ identities and bank transactions.

FEITIAN OTP QR Code tokens could help banks to fulfill the EU Payments Services Directive (PSD2)’s security criterion of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and Dynamic Linking. Each token can work as the second factor for a user to authenticate himself/herself to a bank or PI, which is mandatory under PSD2 when logging in to online banking, making query on bank account, etc. With the capability of reading QR codes, FEITIAN QR Code token can get all the transaction information which includes the (total) amount of the transaction(s) and the account number(s) of the payee(s), and then generate an authentication code, to fulfill the PSD2’s requirement for Dynamic Linking.

FEITIAN QR Code tokens could be used to secure not just your bank accounts but also your work and daily life: 2FA is supported by more and more services (such as office365, Citrix Netscaler, AWS, Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox, and many others), those services will generate a dedicated QR code for each user to enroll, FEITIAN QR Code tokens can read that QR code and registered as the second factor (“something you have”or “possession”) and then be used for authenticate the user for the service.


With more than 20 years' experience in security industry, FEITIAN is the leading provider of security hardware in China and also the world. FEITIAN is supplying OTP tokens/cards and BLE PKI security keys to nearly all the mainstream domestic banks and some international banks, and as the board member of FIDO Alliance, FEITIAN is the leading provider of FIDO U2F and FIDO2 security keys.