FEITIAN Gains Microsoft MISA Membership and Grows FIDO2 Passwordless Products

FEITIAN joins top security companies partnering with Microsoft to defend against sophisticated digital threats and FEITIAN Releases AllinPass Security Key with Fingerprint Biometrics and BLE/NFC/USB Connectivity.

Jun 26th, 2019

Santa Clara, CA/Washington, DC – June 26, 2019 – FEITIAN Technologies US Inc, a world security technology leader providing biometric and FIDO/FIDO2 passwordless authentication, advanced combined function all-in-one smartcards, and payment related systems, has two significant announcements at this week’s Identiverse 2019 event in Washington, DC. FEITIAN is announcing that they have earned a selection into MISA (Microsoft Intelligent Security Association) which consist on an elite group of security-related companies partnering with Microsoft to defend against sophisticated digital threats. FEITIAN also announces that they are releasing the AllinPass Security Key with Fingerprint Biometrics and BLE/NFC/USB-C Connectivity. (Please see Limited Time Promotional Discounts link below to get select FEITIAN products at discounts over 30%.) FEITIAN will be at Identiverse 2019 Booth #522.

About the FEITIAN MISA Membership

MISA is comprised of selected companies that provide innovative and advanced security technologies. MISA included products for: Azure Active Directory, Azure Information Protection, Windows Defender ATP, Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Graph Security API, Microsoft Cloud App Security, as well as other Microsoft related technologies. FEITIAN has earned membership based on its over twenty years of advanced, innovative, and secure authentication, identification, and payment technologies. More information on MISA can be found at: www.microsoft.com/en-us/security/partnerships/intelligent-security-association

“FEITIAN is proud and honored to be selected for membership into MISA. We will continue to work with Microsoft and the other leading companies to provide advanced security protection for Enterprise, Education, Healthcare, Government, and Individual Users.” stated FEITIAN Director of Strategic Projects, Michael Gwynn.

About the FEITIAN Release of the AllInPass

The AllinPass K33 security key provides users with a strong, user-friendly, passwordless logon experience. The Bluetooth® Certified BLE module embedded in the AllinPass FIDO2 Security Key ensures seamless communication with most mainstream mobile devices and PCs. The NFC communication is fully compliant with the ISO 14443 standard and will work with all compliant smart card readers. This is in addition to the existing FEITIAN FIDO and FIDO2 certifications that cover 18 different security products. The AllinPass (SKU: K33), which is certified by the FIDO Alliance, is designed to drive and enable passwordless multi-factor authentication across multiple platforms, operating systems, and applications.

“Traditional username-password scheme protection, and two-factor authentication, are no longer enough for today’s enterprise security needs. As a result, biometric authentication is expected to grow significantly in the coming years as the fingerprint replaces the PIN,” said FEITIAN Technologies Vice President and General Manager of International Business Tibi Zhang. “We have worked closely with the FIDO Alliance by strictly adhering to their industry-established technology standards for strong, phishing-resistant authentication on the web that promises better security and a better user experience with our broader choice of Authenticators for everyone.”

The FEITIAN certified family of security products are purpose-built with specifications for FIDO U2F and FIDO2 for truly strong authentication. The FEITIAN BioPass passwordless authentication for use with USB-A (K27) and USB-C (K26) have already received their FIDO2 certifications. The USB-A compatible ePass FIDO (K12) security key delivers the added benefit of having both FIDO U2F and FIDO2 certifications. The FEITIAN Security Keys can also deliver PIV, OTP, and GIDS with options for multiple interfaces, price points, and fingerprint biometrics as needed.

FEITIAN is working with Microsoft to ensure these keys work with Windows and Azure Active Directory and the company is also co-developing Google Advanced Protection products. The FEITIAN security keys offers many advantages over passwords including lower IT management costs, better productivity, improved security, and unprecedented privacy for both employees and employers at enterprise businesses, educational campuses, healthcare facilities, and government applications.

“FEITIAN has long demonstrated its strong commitment to the FIDO Alliance, both in terms of its investments in certified product development and its inputs as a board member company,” said Andrew Shikiar, executive director and chief marketing officer of the FIDO Alliance. “We are pleased to see FEITIAN introducing this FIDO2 certified security key, added to the strong ecosystem of options for enterprises and consumers looking to adopt simpler, stronger FIDO authentication.”

About the FEITIAN Limited Time Promotional Discounts

The AllinPass K33 and other token bundles are on sale with an over 30% discount off of MSRP during the Identiverse for the first 500 customers at: www.ftsafe.com/Identiverse19.

For more information or to see a demo of FEITIAN security products, visit Identiverse 2019 Booth #522 in Washington, DC from June 25 - 28. To arrange a meeting, please contact Michael Gwynn, the FEITIAN Director of Strategic Projects.


Founded in 1998, FEITIAN Technologies has its US headquarters in Santa Clara, CA. The company is dedicated to building a full range of strong authentication, identification, and payment solutions using a variety of Security Key and Smart Card formfactors. FEITIAN is a member of Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), a Board Member of the FIDO Alliance, and is a Technology Partner for Google and Ping Identity. FEITIAN is a leading worldwide provider of Fingerprint Biometric Passwordless Authentication. Globally, the company has over 1,000 employees, more than half of whom are focused on research and development. FEITIAN serves clients in over 150 countries with leading enterprise, financial, telecom, government, education organizations. “FEITIAN - We Build Security!” For more information, please visit: www.ftsafe.com.

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FEITIAN Contact: Michael Gwynn