Secure your accounts with Google Advanced Protection

Google Advanced Protection utilizes physical security keys to provide a strong multi-factor authentication against phishing attacks. FEITIAN have proposed a complaint product for Google Advanced Protection. It includes two security keys, the MultiPass FIDO Security Key can serve as the Main key for both PC and Mobile, and another is ePass FIDO-NFC Security Key can be the backup stored somewhere safe.

Steps to the advanced security provided by Google Advanced Protection:

- Purchase FEITIAN 2-in-1 Bundle from Amazon or FEITIAN Online Store
- User PC and Chrome browser and logon to your google account as usual
- Activate Google Advanced Protection at:
- Follow the instructions to finish the registration of the two security keys.

After the Advanced Protection is finished, users are required to authenticate with the security key for google accounts. PC users just plug the security key into PC and press the button. For mobile device, some specific steps are required to finish the authentication at the first time. The detail can be seen at: