FEITIAN DCVV Power Card Certified by VISA

Dec 29th, 2018

BEIJING, CHINA - On December 07, 2018, FEITIAN Technologies Co., Ltd. became the first Chinese company with a VISA-certified DCVV Power Card product. FEITIAN’s Power Card passed the rigorous DCVV testing of card functions and security in a VISA-authorized laboratory this year, launching the product into a higher-level market.

Visa is one of the world's largest bank card organizations. As the world's leading payment technology company, it connects consumers, enterprises, financial institutions and governments in more than 200 countries and regions. VISA is committed to continually researching how to leverage its scaled network resources, advanced payment technologies and experience to drive the convergence of mobile technology and electronic payments. Future innovations will surely enable more people to enjoy the ease and security of electronic payments in a variety of ways.

The FEITIAN dCVV Power Card, as a dynamic CVV dual interface card, has outstanding physical and chemical properties, electrical characteristics, product functions and safety. It proves FEITIAN’s comprehensive strength on Power Card products. VISA and MasterCard certification elevates FEITIAN’s Power Card products and pushes the industry to promote deeper cooperation with banking customers.