FEITIAN participated in the 4th Cyber Security Summit

Aug 28th, 2018

BEIJING, CHINA - August 28, 2018 - FEITIAN participated in the 4th Cyber Security Summit in Beijing, August 27-28, 2018.

Cyber Security Summit (CSS) was founded by Tencent, China Electronics Standardization Research Institute and China Information Security Certification Center. The Summit is dedicated to the convergence of the Internet industry and the network security industry, building a "Internet industry security exchange and cooperation platform", and a "new Internet security ecosystem", to promote rapid, stable innovation and transformation of the national economy. The Summit has become a benchmark for the development of the industry by inviting domestic and foreign security companies, traditional industries, media, etc. to jointly discuss the future of network security.

FEITIAN is honored to be invited to attend the CSS P16 Infrastructure Security Leaders Roundtable Forum and Future Power 50 Subforum.

"Information security needs more attention as the rapid development of latest technologies such as biometric. It should be noted that from the perspective of security, identity informations captured by face recognition and behavior profiling are the core privacy of an individual", says Mr. Li Wei, General Manager of FEITIAN, "An individual is free to change his password or switch his finger for authentication, but not his face. How to use such personal core privacies for commercial purposes and how to assume its corresponding social responsibilities is a major issue that needs to be seriously considered by security industry."

"In the future, FEITIAN will continue to make efforts to contribute to the development and construction of the information security industry with our globalized new products and technologies."


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