FEITIAN join Tencent’s royal guard plan

Sep 11th, 2017

2017 The World IoT Expo was held in Wuxi from 10-13th in September, 2017. FEITIAN Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "FEITIAN") was honored to be invited to participate this exhibition.

During the exhibition, Tencent led the Royal Guard Program to unite with a number of equipment supplier and jointly set up Tencent's TUSI Laboratory with the government of Wuxi City. FEITIAN’s business representatives attended the Tencent TUSI conference. As IoT becomes more widely used, security issues are also paid to more and more importance. Especially in the field of mobile payment, biometrics in the IOT is facing kinds of risks such as Trojans and hacker attacks. Through the block chain technology, establishing a people-centered account system, users, equipment networking to provide financial-level security for IOT.

The development of IOT has changed our life while with hidden risks. FEITIAN is able to combine its advantages on financial sector and information security industry, work with Tencent and other industry authority to jointly explore the IoT security aspects of the latest technologies and solutions.