WIPO Deputy Director General visited FEITIAN and discussed issues of overseas patent applications

Nov 21st, 2016

FEITIAN was excited to welcome Mr.John Sandage and his party to come and visit on November 15th Mr. Sandage is the Deputy Director General of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and he came to discuss with FEITIAN about issues related to overseas patent applications by PCT.

During the meeting, Mr.Li Wei, the General Manager of FEITIAN, introduced FEITIAN’s progress and achievements in the work of intellectual property. Mr.Li Wei also shared and communicated FEITIAN’s experience in promoting enterprise development by high-quality intellectual property, especially in enhancing the quality of patent applications with Mr.Sandage. Mr.Li Wei said, “PCT applications have obvious advantages of convenient, favorable, flexible, reasonable and wide coverage. Those advantages are what enterprises concern about. FEITIAN will pay more attention to the latest policies and trends of PCT applications and take full advantage of PCT applications to protect for the rapid development of enterprise.”

FEITIAN established Intellectual Property Department since 2005 and actively develop intellectual property work. FEITIAN has top PCT applications in the industry of information security by now. PCT applications make FEITIAN’s patented technology be protected in many countries and regions and effectively avoiding the interference of patent litigation. In the future, FEITIAN will also focus on information security and be based on innovation. FEITIAN will make intellectual property as the basis for survival and development.

About WIPO
WIPO is an abbreviation of the World Intellectual Property Organization. It’s a global forum on intellectual property services, policy, cooperation and information. WIPO is a self-financing agency of the United Nations headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and has 187 member countries by April 2014. WIPO is committed to promoting the use and protection of human intellectual works and manages 24 international treaties dealing with all aspects of intellectual property protection.

About PCT
PCT is the abbreviation of the International Patent Cooperation Treaty. PCT facilitates applicants to search for international patent protection for their inventions. It also facilitates public access to the rich technical information involved in these inventions. The applicant may search for patent protection in many countries at the same time by PCT applications.