FEITIAN FIDO products have been certified by FIDO Alliance

Sep 26th, 2016

Recently, FEITIAN FIDO® UAF server and client have passed FIDO certification. FEITIAN used to focus on FIDO U2F products and produced both U2F authenticator and server that are certified by FIDO Alliance. With the development of UAF technology, FEITIAN FIDO UAF products have also passed FIDO certification. By now, FEITIAN has most FIDO certified products in the world according to this list made by FIDO Alliance.

FEITIAN has been focused on building security since 1998 and has witnessed how the authentication landscape has developed and evolved. FEITIAN has Public Key Infrastructure, One Time Password and other multi-factor authentication products to protect users. However, many consumers are now tired of the complexities associated with using these “traditional” approaches. FIDO related products could fulfill these requirements. FIDO alliance released and perfected the FIDO authentication standard V1.0 in 2014 and 2015. In this standard, FIDO proposed two user authentication protocols: U2F and UAF.

U2F(Universal 2nd Factor Protocol) is proposed based on compatible with existing password verification system. The user must provide a verification device comply U2F protocol as a second authentication factor when online operation to ensure security. The verification device is called U2F equipment. With U2F equipment, users no longer need to remember a lot of complex passwords. Moreover, U2F protocol also supports multiple sites or services authentication by single U2F verification device.

UAF(Universal Authentication Framework Protocol) fully absorbed the new technology of mobile smart devices and fulfill mobile user’s habit. When users need to verify the identity, the smart devices will use biometric technology such as fingerprint, voice, facial and iris recognition to obtain user authorization, and then generates an encrypted authentication data for the backend server for user authentication operations through asymmetric encryption techniques. No password is needed during the whole process.

FEITIAN has many U2F authenticators, U2F server and UAF server and could provide complete identity authentication solutions and services for users from many industries.FEITIAN MultiPass FIDO® product supports BLE, NFC and USB which could greatly fulfill different users’ requirements and enhance the user experience.

FIDO Alliance developed rapidly since its inception. Huawei, Samsung and Lenovo support FIDO authentication in a variety of their devices. The current major browser Chrome and the most popular operating system Windows 10 also provide built-in support for FIDO. Meanwhile, FIDO entered into a collaboration with W3C. The web interface standard was submitted to the W3C organization and FIDO is expected to become the universal standard of browser in the future.

We believe that people will not be bothered with setting up, memorizing or modifying passwords and will not be worried about the security of login and transactions.Biological characteristics and devices (such as Key, mobile phone, computer, hand ring,etc) will be account passwords and security.