FEITIAN and Lenovo reach cooperation

Sep 5th, 2016

Recently, FEITIAN and Lenovo reached cooperation. FEITIAN will provide customized OTP display cards for Lenovo Le certification.

The function of OTP display cards is the same as traditional time-based OTP tokens. However, the appearance is the same as traditional smart cards. The OTP display cards are waterproof, thin and easy to carry. All the products we provide this time are all produced independently by FEITIAN, which means that FEITIAN not only has strong reserves and technical innovation in the field of display card, but also has the ability to mass production. The technical strength and production capacity could show FEITIAN’s determination in the field of display card. It’s also proved that FEITIAN finally reached perfect unity in technical and craft innovation after the exploration and attempt in card surface materials and process crafts.

“FEITIAN is honored to cooperate with the world’s largest PC manufacture Lenovo. This is a powerful impetus and encouragement to FEITIAN’s display card business.”Said FEITIAN’s Project Manager. As FEITIAN’s focus, display cards and other innovative products will open up broader global business. FEITIAN will continue to service global information security by providing innovative products and quality solutions. FEITIAN will also strive to be global famous brand in the field of power card and display card.