FEITIAN and Bubi reach cooperation and jointly promote the development of the block chain technology

Aug 24th, 2016

Recently, FEITIAN and Bubi (Beijing) Network Technologies Co., Ltd reached a strategic cooperation in the field of block chain technology. The two companies will focus on “core technology and products” and “authentication and private key protection” to extensive cooperate in the future.

The technologies related to Financial Industry have booming developed along with the development of the Internet. As the basis technology of Bitcoin, block chain has achieved technical decentralized trust for the first time. The trust model is likely to significantly reduce the existing costs of multi-industry sectors to achieve ultra-fast and low-cost value exchange. The block chain has received widespread concern from global Financial sector.

As an experienced enterprise in Financial security industry, FEITIAN always keeps up with industry trends and strives to provide customers with more secure, innovative and reliable identification and smart payment solutions and services. FEITIAN has been painstaking researched block chain technology in recent years and start patents and products layout based on block chain technology. The research and breakthrough of block chain technology is due to the FEITIAN’s technical accumulation and innovation.

Bubi has been focused on block chain technology and products innovation since 2012. It has tens of patented core technologies that are widely used in many industries. The cooperation between FEITIAN and Bubi is a strong combination in brand and technology for both sides. It’s also the perfect fusion of traditional and new information security technology. The block chain industry is still not mature, the cooperation will undoubtedly be a force for the innovation and development of the whole block chain industry.