FEITIAN Display Card wins the bid overseas

Jul 20th, 2016

Recently FEITIAN has won the Display Card bid overseas and will provide customized final products to Banco Popolare . Banco Popolare is the top 4 commercial bank in Italy. And this is the first order overseas for Display Card and FEITIAN has fully prepared for the mass production.

This order comes to the OTP display card which works the same way like a traditional OTP token, but these cards with the e-paper display have the same size like a credit card, thin and waterproof.

The technical development behind the display card has become mature these years, and lots of applications from different scenarios have the potential to be integrated into the display card. But the manufacturing technique puts forward big challenges for such cards to be massively produced with a higher yield rate. With these obstacles, the R&D teams from FEITIAN have gone through many trials and errors and continued to improve the material and technique standard, and now FEITIAN can provide the creative solutions for the products associated with display card.

The products and solutions from FEITIAN focus mainly on financial and transportation market, and the clients total more than 6000 worldwide. With display card products, FEITIAN will step into a new and huge global market and this bid is a great start. As always, FEITIAN will provide the creative and qualified products and services to the global info security.