FEITIAN Works with Tencent to Promote “Shield Operation”

May 5th, 2016

Nowadays, Smart City leads to Smart Life, and the new tech for payment brings citizens more convenience and also more ways to validate our own identities online/offline. Meanwhile, trojans and hackers become rampant in this new time, and personal privacy protection should be taken seriously into consideration.

Last November, Tencent made a public speech titled “Network+ Year, How to Prove Your Identity” at CHINA NET SECURITY CONFERENCE, and proposed “Shield Operation” at the first time and released the new generation ID validation system TUSI. Tencent works hand in hand with other five security companies to make a draft for the TUSI specification, and as top tier security provider, FEITIAN is one member of them.

April 28th, Tencent launches Shield Operation press conference at Beijing, and FEITIAN is invited as premier partner to share ideas with other party members on “IoT Time, Life is Smarter or Full of More Danger”.

Shield Operation is based on hardware and cryptography, and it provides services for ID validation and mobile payment applications. For the next generation ID Authentication trend, home and abroad companies have already released such products and solutions based on hardware and cryptography. ID forgery gives away personal info, and results in financial loss and damaged personal image, and for this reason, Tencent will release relevant ID Auth products with TUSI financial security level standard. FEITIAN has the largest bank clients base at home, and with its expertise for financial market authentication, FEITIAN with Tencent and co-partners draw the technical details together.

As FEITIAN GM Li Wei has said, IoT brings convenience and also security gaps at the same time. ID Authentication is not fancy technical show, and it should be taken seriously to protect the whole system not to fail. Shield Operation provides the best platform for security applications which wants to boost their business on the Network+ Time, and FEITIAN, with its R&D ability and market share advantage, cooperates with IT titan Tencent to provide authentication services to more potential clients from different industry. Meanwhile, FEITIAN will develop the security-armed, reliable, easy-to-use software/hardware solutions with the most advanced technics to support Shield Operation, and contribute technical and marketing experience to this advanced ID Authentication platform and become the qualified guardian to the future Smart Life.