Traditional and Excellent. FEITIAN dongle product has won the bidding in Kingdee Software

Jan 8th, 2016

Recently, FEITIAN and Kingdee software, the leading brand in China management software entered into a collaboration. As a leader enterprise that dedicated software copyright protection industry for many years, FEITIAN will be the escort for well-known enterprise management software once again.

The requirements for safety of software encryption products are growing as the technology process. As the enterprise that maintains a high market share on ERP software in China for many years, Kingdee has higher requirements for software security. It’s the high security and reliability of FEITIAN dongle products that help FEITIAN to obtain Kingdee’s trust through fierce competition. The dongle products that FEITIAN launched now could cover almost all commonly used encryption algorithm, thus customers could make much choices in high-security environments. The dongle products that FEITIAN provide for Kingdee adapted after many tests, all showing the overall performance which is safe and easy to use.”High Safety performance, Strong customized service” has become the biggest bright spot in the cooperation.

As a famous trademark in China, FEITIAN ROCKEY series dongle products have maintained a high industry-leading reputation and market share for more than 10 years and service thousands of software companies in all over the world. Actually, FEITIAN has achieved cooperation with UFIDA years before which means that by entering into a collaboration with Kingdee, FEITIAN has win the cooperation with China’s two largest companies in Enterprise Management Software industry by leading technology strength and excellent product quality.

The principal of FEITIAN dongle products says that “The dongle products are the oldest products that launched by FEITIAN and they are one of the most traditional business of the company. FEITIAN concentrates to study and focus on product innovation and upgrading, continues to lead the development of the industry in the past 18 years. At present, all products have independent intellectual property rights as a support and the key to gain customers’ high satisfaction and loyalty is the quality and performance of the products. The cooperation with Kingdee gives FEITIAN the chance to study and grow as well as the motivation to move on.”FEITIAN will continue to meet the market demand in the future and deeply combine traditional advantages with modern innovations. FEITIAN will build strong fortress for more customers’ software encryption protection with excellent products and service.