FEITIAN Successfully Won the ICBC dynamic OTP Project

Nov 1st, 2013

FEITIAN Technologies--a global provider of smart card operation system and digital security products—successfully won the ICBC dynamic OTP project and became the only provider of the challenge response tokens and time-based tokens. FEITIAN had already provided the second generation USB keys for ICBC before the OTP project. So far, FEITIAN authentication products are comprehensively used for ICBC e-banking business, thus making FEITIAN as the worthy and major supplier of financial authentication for ICBC.

Researched and developed independently by FEITIAN, the OTP is an authentication device with independent IPR protections. It is an offline dynamic password authentication device based on challenge response and time synchronization technologies. It has the advantages of simple-to-use, good stability and high safety. The OTP can be applied to the channel such as onlinebanking, mobile banking and telephone banking. Meeting the development of the online banking and mobile payment, FEITIAN OTP will provide customers with better using experience and higher security.

As the first Chinese bank who has "million" online banking customers, ICBC’s e-banking turnover has amounted to 180 trillion in only the first half of 2013.

As the supplier of the second generation USB keys and OTPs for ICBC, FEITIAN has been providing services for more than 150 bank customers in more than 60 countries and regions in the world, relying on its independent innovation of technologies and comprehensive financial security solutions.