FEITIAN Collaborates with CCB to Create A New Legend of E-banking Security

Nov 14th, 2013

FEITIAN Technologies, the global leader of digital security, FEITIAN is shortlisted for the China Construction Bank’s overseas token project. By pressing time, with innovative products and comprehensive financial solutions, FEITIAN has successfully signed contracts with four major state-owned Banks.

As the first domestic company who provides online authentication products, since it was founded in 1998, FEITIAN has focused on innovation and development of intelligent online authentication industry. The high-quality products and services have won the customer's long-term trust. So far, FEITIAN has provided intelligent information security authentication service for more than 150 banks all over the world. Having the most extensive coverage of banking customers in the industry, FEITIAN is one of the world’s largest intelligent authentication products suppliers.

"The cooperation with CCB has significant meanings. It is a collective recognition of FEITIAN’s technologies, marketing strategies, services and business teams from China's banking industry. At the same time, FEITIAN is taking more social responsibilities." FEITIAN General Manager Li Wei said. "FEITIAN will continue to make technical breakthroughs, further improve and optimize the user experience, build up a comfortable and efficient personal e-financial center!"