Brazilian company is the only distributor of FEITIAN's PKI products line in Brazil

Aug 09th, 2012

E-VAL Tecnologia is specialized in services and solutions that involve new technologies, announced a partnership with FEITIAN, a Chinese company specialized in strong authentication, personal identity, rights management, and smart card technology. Presenting a know-how of 14 years, FEITIAN is known to more than 40,000,000 end users worldwide in over 80 countries as a name that stands for confidence, quality and performance.

The partnership allows E-VAL to distribute FEITIAN's products in Brazil that includes PKI tokens, smartcards, readers and OTP solutions. Sergio Pavanello Rossi, FEITIAN's business manager at Brazil, says "by this partnership we can offer to the Brazilian market products that are globally established, beyond the opportunity of attracting specialized markets with new solutions that had been successfully deployed in other countries. Moreover E-VAL's national channels structure plays an important role to the success of our partnership."

The agreement negotiations started in January of 2011 followed by functional and performance devices evaluations what made this partnership mature. "We choose E-VAL by its recognized reputation in the country as a company that really invest in Research and Development (R&D) and high-tech. E-VAL's solutions are recognized by its clients because of quality, innovation and technical capacity", explains Rossi.

FEITIAN has a successful history based on innovation with more than half of the company composed by R&D team, what is not commonly found in Brazil.

Luis Gustavo Kiatake, E-VAL's marketing and sales director claimed that Brazil needs competitive and high quality products with local and specialized support. "The partnership with FEITIAN will aggregate value to our solutions, providing more security and competitiveness", concludes Kiatake.

About E-VAL

E-VAL is specialized in services and solutions that involve new technologies, focused on PKI, Identity Management, Software Development and Business Intelligence. E-VAL's competitive edges are its exceptional qualified team and consolidate products. Active member of most important national and international standardization bodies and forums. This know-how includes established solutions on financial, healthcare and others markets.