FEITIAN ranked on Forbes 2011 China Potential Enterprises list

Jan 19th, 2011

Beijing, China, January 17th. FEITIAN Technologies Co. Ltd., a leading software security company specializing in authentication products, today announces its listing on the Forbes 2011 China Potential Enterprises list.

Forbes known internationally as a leader in business and strategy has published its 2011 China Potential Enterprises list. The list is made of SME companies around the country with revenues ranging from 5 million to 1 billion Yuan. This year's years list features many up and coming companies with high growth rates and FEITIAN technologies was ranked 139th on the list, showing fast growth. Forbes developed the list of 200 companies through data research and on-site visits reviewing data over the past 3 years from 2007 to 2009. Through this Forbes China conducted on-site visits to private companies that showed hot growth in the past years. One key factor in evaluating up and coming SME's was sustaining operations and the profit capability of the organization.

FEITIAN Technologies listing shows their fast growth and dominance in the domestic market with very strong growth and a growing presence worldwide. In the past years FEITIAN has been able to land many large banks domestically and abroad securing their position as a leader in smart card based technologies and authentication. In the past three years FEITIAN has shown hot growth, and continues to grow in all sectors.Strong two factor authentication and smart card based technology products are at the heart of FEITIAN growth. Currently the company develops and manufactures all of their products, allowing for a flexible R&D staff that can meet the demands worldwide. Through in house R&D FEITIAN is able to develop, test and deploy cutting edge products that keep the company ahead in the market.

In an every growing technological world fraudsters and hackers learn to adapt as fast as technology. Innovation and creative thinking are what put FEITIAN ahead offering products that can prevent fraud and also at prices that are acceptable to the market, allowing for mass usage and fraud prevention on a large scale. Many of these anti-fraud solutions were not available in the past to the mass public, but through innovative methods FEITIAN is able of offer this protection to users around the world. And through these strategies the company has been able to soar domestically and worldwide. The past years have seen significant growth and 2011 plans to see the largest growth rate yet, concentrated on the international market.

As one of the world's leading smart card authentication enterprises FEITIAN is dedicated to offering smart card-based products and solutions with Intellectual Property Rights. Due to this success the past years have seen amazing growth seeing the large majority of banks in China using FEITIAN products and solutions. Joining the Forbes 2011 Future Enterprise list of 200 companies further shows the growth and future that await the company.

For more information on the award, see http://www.forbeschina.com/list/1008/page/7.

FEITIAN is a leading supplier of strong authentication, e-signature, PKI, software protection and Smart Card related products. Since its establishment in 1998 FEITIAN has quickly become one of the world leaders in the industry providing solutions and products around the world. FEITIAN is dedicated to being the leading innovator of smart card and chip operating based security technologies and applications. For more information about FEITIAN please visit www.ftsafe.com.

For more information contact: itd@ftsafe.com