FEITIAN releases RLM System

May 13rd, 2010

FEITIAN Technologies Co. Ltd. releases RLM system, an advanced and highly integrated solution to provide secure software protection and flexible software licensing management for software developers.

From the perspective of software protection, the specific design of our RLM envelope tool is a symbol of the accumulation of experience in the software protection field. For more than one decade, FEITIAN acquired knowledge from the other similar well-known products and adopted the most advanced software encryption technologies in the world. The RLM envelope tool supports both software encryption and data protection on various operating platforms such as Windows and Linux. Using many advanced techniques such as code obfuscation, anti-debugging, code replacement, filter drivers and virtual machine protection thus, binding hardware dongles with software in the most seamless way that it is not possible to use the software without the existence of a protection dongle.

From the perspective of software licensing management, the FEITIAN RLM System provides a series of flexible licensing models for software developers like: Trial period, expiration date, time of use, number of concurrent online users and more. Meanwhile, the role-based licensing management mechanism of RLM system can assist software developers in controlling the life-process of software protection, production and maintenance. Furthermore, remote licensing management based on RSA algorithms of the RLM system can also enable software developers to retain certain control over the dongles even when they have been distributed to end-users. Therefore, the RLM system can fulfill the requirement of software developers of managing the distribution, update and control of licenses and software copies in all ways.

In conclusion, the FEITIAN RLM system is to provide invincible protection for software and data files. FEITIAN RLM system is a security and flexible tool which can free up valuable resources of the developers time by assisting against pirating and enhancing the focus more on software development. FEITIAN Technologies has joined hands with developers to increase value through creativity and imagination.