May 13th, 2010

FEITIAN has launched ROCKEY6SMART Plus software protection dongle and software developer's kit for Windows and Linux system.

The new ROCKEY6SMART Plus key is derived from its basic version with the advantages of:

1) Bigger Memory Space: ROCKEY6SMART Plus provides fixed 64KB memory space with built-in RSA and floating number operation support. The previous model can only provide about 40KB memory space with RSA and Float number loaded.

2) HID Device: As the old version is using SCSI protocol to communicate with host machine, it cannot support operating system like Mac. The new ROCKEY6 SMART Plus dongle switched to using HID protocol. This make it possible to support MAC system.

3) Support 64bits OS: 64bits Windows systems are officially supported by the new hardware. Related programming resources are also included in the new SDK.

ROCKEY6SMART Plus is a smart card chip based software protection dongle with built-in C51 virtual machine. The C51 virtual machine allows small application being executed onboard. Thus developer can move a part of the functions to the dongle. Dongle will perform as a part of the application. Without the dongle, the application is not complete.

ROCKEY6SMART Plus is a 32bits smart card based dongle with high security and cross-platform software protection solution. It provides up to 64KB data space for users and the chip supports floating point operation and RSA, DES encryption algorithms. It is non-driver product with flexible remote update and management solution.