May 13th, 2010

FEITIAN launched a Linux Software Developer Kit for its ROCKEY4 SMART software protection dongle. The SDK supports MAC systems and is compatible with both ROCKEY4SMART and StoreROCKEY4SMART.

ROCKEY4 Smart software protection dongle is based on smart card chip. Derived from ROCKEY4ND dongle, the driverless technique is applied to ROCKEY4 SMART and enables driverless situations in all operating systems. The easy to use envelope encryption tool allows users to protect their PE or .NET applications without any programming. For advanced developers, API programming is also available. With the hardware RSA, SHA-1, DES algorithms, developers can design their own role to achieve top level software protection and data encryption.

StoreROCKEY4 SMART is derived from ROCKEY4 SMART, attached with a Flash memory capacity of 2GB to 8 GB. StoreROCKEY4 SMART can be used to store the software as well as protect it simultaneously. At the customer's site, the application can be executed automatically and offer protection continuously.