FEITIAN launched OTP Server 3.0 system

Mar 9th, 2010

Recently, FEITIAN technologies had launched its new OTP server 3.0 authentication system. This system targets satisfaction of the requirements our customers in terms of compatibility and maintenances.

FEITIAN OTP server system is designed based on years of experience in the personal identification area. FEITIAN possesses the full proprietary intellectual property rights. The OTP Server 3.0 system provides a dual-channel dynamic OTP authentication platform. It can assist the users to identify system status and help the system to authenticate users. Furthermore, it can perform signature and verification operations to transaction information. Solidifying and securing the safety of online business.

The OTP Server 3.0 system can support a full range of FEITIAN OTP product models: Hardware OTP, mobile OTP, SMS OTP and soft OTP and more. Additionally, as applying advanced technologies and open structured designs, OTP Server v3.0 system can provide high security and simple maintenance features. Thus it can satisfy different application environment criteria and is applicable to various application systems to enhance system security features via the dynamic OTP authentication approach.