FEITIAN .Net Smart Card Platform Launched

Sep 10th, 2008

FEITIAN Technologies recently announced its new smart card platform- FEITIAN .Net Smart Card Platform. We are an industrial leading smart card based information security solution provider, headquartered in Beijing, China.

Smart card products are acknowledged worldwide as "the most secure" solutions in the field of information security. It is widely used in every economic sector. From banking to mass transportations to entrance security based systems.

Compared with the difficulty of hacking a smart card itself, the difficulty and complexity in application development, based on various existing smart card platforms, are challenges to the developers.

Hopefully, the diversification of technology is the most vital part and goal of industrial innovations. It is the same for smart card development projects. Being a significant platform, the .Net framework, provided by Microsoft, has enriched developers' power, and provided another useful and powerful option.

The FEITIAN .Net Smart Card Platform is extending the advantages of .Net framework to the smart card industry. It provides the possibility for current .Net framework experts to become smart card development experts. And not adding considerable concerns about the costs of traditional difficulties in smart card development to be overcome. FEITIAN .Net Smart Card Platform is introduced in the form of SDK (Software Developer's Kit). With powerful developer tools, FEITIAN .Net Smart Card Framework, sample cards and smart card readers, developers may experience the ease-of-use and many other surprises shortly.

By working closely with the world's leading chip provider, Infineon Technologies, a most powerful 32-bit smart card chip with high performance features is applied as the FEITIAN .Net Smart Card chip. This makes it possible to add more which you need into the .Net smart card application then you ever expected.

As an innovative present in the industry, evaluations to FEITIAN .Net Smart Card SDK are warmly welcome. FEITIAN is willing to share its creativity in smart card technology and hopes more and more customers will benefit.

For detailed information on FEITIAN .Net Smart Card Platform and other enquiries, please send an email to us: world.sales@ftsafe.com