FEITIAN takes active part in the China Intellectual Property Rights Actions

Aug 14th, 2008

August 6, 2008, an opening conference for the establishment of Beijing Intellectual Property Rights Alliance of Smart card Industry was held in Beijing, China. FEITIAN Technologies is one of the five major founders to the alliance. All alliance founders are famous enterprises in the Smart card industry of China.

Being witnesses, senior officers from Beijing IPR office attended the conference. It is a significant milestone in the China IPR actions, "Its establishment will aggregate the power of many enterprises to deal with IPR disputes involving foreign elements." Comments added by IPR in China. IPR becomes more and more important in today's international business activities. Many leading companies from various Chinese economic sectors now realize the fact that, IPR is the first key point they face while expanding business globally.

Although most of these companies did not intentionally infringe IPR of foreign owners, they are intentionally blocked in the name of IPR by their competitors when trying to deal with customers outside their borders. Many of them paid a dearly to learn these lessons. Gathering the power from team work, individual entity members in the alliance will benefited more and quicker to integrate all necessary resources, on efficient IPR protection to themselves, and the whole industry they are with.

FEITIAN Technologies will be more active in these actions, and to offer more benefits to its global customers from its success thereafter.