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ePass3000 Linux SDK v1.0 is released

May. 14th, 2008

The release of the ePass3000 Linux SDK has arrived. This package supports various Linux distributions kernel 2.4.x and 2.6.x. This SDK can be used for different Linux distributions such as Redhat, Debian, and Ubuntu. The system requirements are that the OpenSSL version is later than 0.9.7a.

The normal user accessing configuration can be automatically done during the installation process. The newly designed manager tool is also provided in this package.

Please go to the download section to find out more about package. Testing is performed on following listed Linux systems:

  1. Debian 3.1
  2. RedHat 9.0 /RedHatEnterprise AS4
  3. Fedora Core5 /Fedora Core6//Fedora 7/Fedora 8/RedFlag 5/RedFlag 6/Slackware10.2
  4. Mandrake9.2 /Mandrake10.1 /Mandrive 2008
  5. Suse10.0/Suse10.2/Suse10.3
  6. Ubuntu 5.10 /Ubuntu 6.10//Ubuntu 7.04 /Ubuntu 7.10
  7. Cent os 5 /Cent os 4.4
  8. Slackware12/Turbo 10