FEITIAN is a Top Five Patented Enterprise in China Silicon Valley

Apr 18th, 2008

Being a leader in the IP protection technology and IT security development, FEITIAN has focused on innovation and IP protection for years. Currently, we have in excess of over 300 patents both domestically and internationally.

These cover the spectrum of software protection, authentication and identification, smart card applications to OTP products. We possess the spirit of innovation. Now a member of "The Top Five Enterprises" patent owners in China Silicon Valley, aka ZhongGuanCun Science park.

It is a significant flag being the possessor of hundreds of patents. It symbolizes a stronger and faster developing enterprise. In the highly competitive market, FEITIAN prefers to act in the market with its advantages: High quality production, advanced technologies, trustworthy services, and maximize the benefits to its clients, than just focus energies surrounding patents.

The value of being granted more and more patents, FEITIAN strengthens its protection of its IP and the benefits of our clients continuously. By increasing its position in the market we combat any misuse or abuse of patents and its owners. Ensuring that our clients can put their fears aside.