FEITIAN speaks at RSA China Conference concerning anti-fraud security methods

Oct 29th, 2010

Beijing, China, September 10th 2010. FEITIAN Technologies Co. Ltd., a leading software security company specializing in authentication products speaks at RSA China conference.

FEITIAN Technologies International Technical Consultant Gregory Dunn presented the speech at the first annual RSA Chine INFOSEC international forum in Beijing China. The speech concentrated anti-fraud techniques applied to the Chinese online banking systems focusing on interactive devices. Through the topic FEITIAN provided valuable information on how to prevent against attacks and the future of authentication and fighting fraud.

RSA conference Beijing China was the first event for RSA in China. RSA is classically considered as the highest level of security conferences worldwide. RSA offers conferences in the USA, Europe, Japan and now China. This year will see Bill Clinton will be speaking at RSA conference USA. RSA China invited a wide range of speakers from the USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia. RSA themes are concentrated around security, and FEITIAN now one of the world wide leaders was invited to present new techniques that have been developed offering cutting edge technology.

FEITIAN's speech focused on anti-fraud techniques applied to the Chinese online banking system focusing on interactive tokens. As the country grows and develops there becomes a clear need for a higher level of authentication. Currently in the China the concentration of fraudulent attacks are in the e-commerce sector taking up to 99% of attacks. This is due to the quick popularity of many online shopping websites across the nation and for hackers the low level of security offered for payments. Online banking systems offer a high level of security currently and banking institutions trust FEITIAN to provide security devices nationwide. In the near future as online banking grows, currently 122 million users, fraudulent attacks will concentrate on this sector. FEITIAN's speech concentrated on techniques that have developed to prevent future attacks staying ten steps ahead of fraudsters.

Gregory Dunn, FEITIAN's international technical consultant presented the speech in hall 4 to a large group coming from information security sectors in China and abroad. The speech lasted one hour followed by Q&A. Through the speech he clearly presented how many common devices can be bypassed by Trojans, MITM and phishing attacks, how to prevent these attacks and the future of authentication. Interactive tokens provide a higher level of security, and in the PKI field interactive screen tokens, FEITIAN's InterPass, offer the highest level of security possible securing large transactions and taking all worries out of sending transactions online.

As discovered in the presentation many basic tokens leave opportunities for hackers to intercept, change information and send fraudulent transactions. Through the use of interactive PKI tokens, such as the InterPass produced by FEITIAN users are able to create digital signatures knowing what information is being signed. This offers the highest level of protection possible.

FEITIAN's attendance at RSA sets FEITIAN as a world leader of online security in areas of research and development and devices. The conference yearly is organized to invite the top leaders of information security to discuss and share new methods of fraud prevention. As FEITIAN moves into the future they plan on developing higher level of technologies and presenting speeches at conferences worldwide.