FEITIAN Launches iPad Smart Card Reader

Mar 1st, 2011

Beijing, China, March 1st 2011. FEITIAN Technologies Co. Ltd., a leading software security company specializing in authentication products, today announces the launch of their new iPad Smart Card Reader.

FEITIAN Technologies a leader in authentication specializing in Smart Card based products worldwide today launches their new iPad Smart Card Reader. This amazing one of a kind reader draws its power from the iPad allowing for ease of use and an easy to travel reader.

Everyone knows and can see that iPad and many other Mac products are growing in popularity at a stupendous rate. As Apple improves their product offering iPads and other devices becomes a staple of life for millions worldwide allowing for convenience and self expression. And yet the beauty of these devices is that the applications and uses are endless as FEITIAN has shown introducing their iPad reader allowing for more security on the go.

iPad readers allow for iPad users to ever expand their usages now being able to take them on the road for operations that would traditionally be done at a set location. Through the convenience and power of iPad users can use the FEITIAN Smart Card Reader in the fields of sales, taxi drivers, company representatives and workers getting out of the office. The usages are endless as the smart card market grows. Worldwide the smart card market is massive and only growing. With the introduction of more smart cards for usages from healthcare to banking the FEITIAN readers allow you to stay mobile and take care of business.

FEITIAN introduced their revolutionary reader at the Macworld expo in San Francisco held from January 27th to January 29th 2011. The expo is the largest gathering of products for mac. With over 25,000 people expected to attend the expo bring attention and recognition to new and upcoming products.

Innovation and development are at the heart of FEITIAN's growth. FEITIAN is the largest IT security provider in China servicing the world's largest banks and enterprises. With their growth internationally they are becoming a major player in IT security worldwide. Traditionally FEITIAN concentrates on PKI, Smart Cards and One Time Password (OTP) products developing and manufacturing their own lines.

In recent years FEITIAN has expanded rapidly offering high quality products at competitive products allowing traditional products that were constricted to small sectors due to price to be available for the masses. FEITIAN's goal is to continue to expand worldwide concentrating IT security hardware products.

Keep an eye on FEITIAN as they plan to launch other innovative lines in the near future. The new product lines all concentrate on authentication and bring security and conviniece to end users. The market in the USA is growing and as it does FEITIAN will innovate to launch products to suit the nations unique needs.