FEITIAN successfully launched FEITIAN Academia in Paris, France

Dec 17th, 2010

Beijing, China, December 17th 2010. FEITIAN Technologies Co. Ltd., a leading software security company specializing in authentication products, today announces their successful launch of FEITIAN Academia in Paris, France.

FEITIAN Academia is concentrated on supplying the information and technical aspects to partners to help them succeed and push further into the market. With the newly acquired knowledge of new products partners will be able to better support and promote the product line worldwide. Training is a key aspect to leading the market. With the completion of the first ever FEITIAN Academia FEITIAN is confident to push ahead and plan new Academia event worldwide.

The first ever FEITIAN Academia centered around marketing strategies and technical aspects of the products. Marketing training events help to promote the participants to be able to sell at a higher level. Knowing the industries, understanding the selling points and setting a clear marketing strategy will allow for future growth. Marketing events centered around product selling points, specified industries and selling points, company strengths and competitive analysis. The second area covered in the training concentrated on technical aspects. This allowed for customers to understand a deeper view of the products, test products, demo products, understand the competition and ask questions they have encountered in the past. Technical trainings are crucial for partners as they are met with these questions on a daily basis.

Together we grow and together we will succeed. This is the view of FEITIAN in partnerships and international growth. Transparency and industry leading products allow for partners the ideal environment to succeed and grow further in the future.

Partners from France, Spain, Italy and Norway were present at the event. Out outside of the training the event provided an excellent platform for partners to share experiences and knowledge of the industry. Many regions may operate or use a different strategy than others. The sharing of these experiences allowed for partners to further discuss and contemplate their own strategies allowing for more diversified plans.

FEITIAN Academia allowed for partners to understand products on a deeper level, present questions and allow for suggestions and future improvement. The full FEITIAN product range was presented during the training including OTP, ePass, Smart Cards, Readers and Software protection. In all lines FEITIAN products newly developed models have been released allowing for a very competitive product for partners.

Products that were discussed in detail centered around FEITIAN's c300 OTP token and the newly released Java card. The new c300 allows for challenge response, CVS, time and event based and e-signing. The e-signing feature allows for a higher level of protection fighting malware, man in the middle attacks and phishing. FEITIAN is a member of OATH making their tokens and solution OATH compliant. The Java card product line offers competitive products compliant with international standards. FEITIAN is a member of Global Platform and Sun Oracle.

FEITIAN offers many competitive advantages to partners including quality products, competitive prices, customizable solutions, OATH compliant, Global Platform members, Largest provider to banking and enterprise in China and they are internationally recognized. Through these key factors FEITIAN is able to offer an excellent platform for companies to form partnerships and prosper together.

Future Academia sessions are currently being planned worldwide and the FEITIAN Partner Portal will soon be launched offering easy of training and helpful training information for products and concerning technical aspects. Demos sessions will be held on line and practical installation of products to allow partners a platform that is easy to use and convenient in all time zones.

For more information about future trainings please contact itd@ftsafe.com.