FEITIAN will attend Cartes & ID in Paris, France

Nov 19th, 2010

Beijing, China, November 17th. FEITIAN Technologies Co. Ltd., a leading software security company specializing in authentication products, today announces they will attend the Cartes & ID expo in Paris, France.

The 2010 Cartes & ID is the largest Smart Card exhibition worldwide. It will be held in Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition center, Halls 3 & 4 on December 7th to 9th in Paris, France. The event will cover the all applications pertaining to Smart Card technology and Identifications security solutions. All industries attend the event looking for cutting edge products and new applications for ID security and Smart Cards. Cartes & ID in 2009 attracted more than 20,000 visitors with 500 exhibitors representing 140 countries.

During the show FEITIAN will be featuring their strong authentication products for enterprise, banking industry and smart card solutions. FEITIAN will offer OTP full solutions for authentication and their newly released Smart Card Technology products. FEITIAN OTP products already have a strong position in international markets serving enterprises and financial solutions around the world and are seeing strong growth in many regions with large growth coming in Europe. The newly launched FEITIAN Java cards are offer new updates and cutting edge technology which is expected to be used widely worldwide. Demos of all products will be available at the show.

In the past years many concerns have arisen from the European markets around authentication and security. Fraudulent attacks are on the rise and new and innovative ways of attacking have affected online users worldwide. Europe leads the world in online security practices but still many regions lack behind the leaders. As threats change and levels of online attacks rise FEITIAN offers a complete and economical solutions to fight against online fraud. In Europe as many regions only large enterprises have the opportunity to implement strong authentication products. Through FEITIAN's marketing strategy all levels of organizations have the opportunity to protect their employees and end users due to high technology and competitively priced products.

Worldwide FEITIAN is expanding and creating a name in the market for strong authentication, especially in the areas of OTP and Smart Card Technology. In China FEITIAN is a clear leader with the largest market share in the largest market worldwide. Clients that work with FEITIAN range from the largest banks in the world to enterprises of all size. The solid secure solution offered has transformed the market and created a standard for organizations around authentication and online protection.

A main product banks will consider will be their OTP solutions. Offering a strong FOAS back end server and high quality tokens to match the product line is a strong competitor in the market that will is being adopted by many banking and enterprise systems internationally. Another OTP product to look for will be the Mobile OTP offered by FEITIAN. These products allow for easy integration, management, high quality products at competitive prices, perfect for the Indian market.

In Europe enterprises and organizations are faced with Privacy Directives and the EU data protection directive. Many points set down in the directives are concerning privacy. Authentication and control of logging in are key factors when considering privacy. To stay in compliance with local regulations a simple and effective solution is implementing strong authentication. FEITIAN's product line fits perfect with this model offering compliance to local directive through their OTP and Smart Card solutions.

FEITIAN's main goal for attending the conference is to establish strong partnerships in Europe where both sides can grow and prosper together. One of the key beliefs at FEITIAN is growth through transparency, support and integrity. These key issues are applied to their partners worldwide offering a high level of support to create an environment of growth and prosperity for both parties.

FEITIAN Technologies will be in Hall 4 aisle K booth 070. For all participants that are interested in FEITIAN's products and would like to set up a meeting before hand please contact Gregory Dunn. Setting up an appointment in advance would allow for a smoother presentation and more time to discuss future business.